Sunday, January 29, 2012

Children's Craft: Family Fun Jars

Family Fun Jar and contents

A cute and inexpensive craft project done with the girls in my Girl Scout troop is a “Family Fun Jar.” I found really cute flip-top glass jars at a dollar store for $1.00 each. Each of the girls were given the opportunity to decorate the outsides of their jars using glitter alphabet stickers (also purchased at the same dollar store for $1.00 per five sheets of letters) with the phrase “Family Fun,” their last names, or names of the people in their families. I had pre-printed a large list of ideas for families to participate in together using a number of various websites and had the girls cut apart each of the items, fold them, and place them into the jar. They were then able to wrap them and give them to their family members as a holiday gift. The idea is for families to take turns choosing an item out of the jar when looking for fun activities to do together on the fly!

Flip-top jar

Front of family fun jar

Back of jar

Inside of jar-filled with ideas for families to spend time together