Friday, September 7, 2012

Interchangeable Accessories for Baby

My sweet little accessories model

While I don't claim to be a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, with the birth of my little sweetheart, Claire, I am now starting to live vicariously through her wardrobe! The options for baby girl clothing are truly limitless...Unfortunately, the money in my wallet is not! This project allows me to fashionably and affordably dress my little sweet pea to my heart's content!

Dollar Store Items purchased

Flowers created using ribbon

Rolled flowers created using the ribbon lining of the tutu

Bows created courtesy of green and white scarf and ribbon

Organza flowers made using tutu fabric

Fabric flowers made using scarf material

-baby onesie
-green and white, striped scarf
-purple ribbon
-baby tutu
-headbands (sold in set of four)
(items above were all purchased at my local Dollar Tree)
-glue gun
-Velcro (iron-on or sewable)
-needle and thread


1. Wash and iron onesie

2. Adhere a small piece of soft Velcro to the area on the onesie you wish to be embellished. Do the same to the corresponding headbands.

3. Adhere a small piece of rough Velcro to the back of each bow and flower embellishment. Note: The embellishments I created came from a variety of online tutorials, projects I have created before, and simply playing around with the materials I purchased. The sky is the limit, as far as the type of embellishments you choose to make!

4. Here comes the fun part...Mix and match embellishments to create multiple, adorable outfits and accessories! Add a cute tutu or skirt to complete the look (check out the "tututorial" for a simple baby tutu like Claire's in a former blog post)!

One of many possible onesie/headband combinations

Claire modeling outfit number 2! She was waaaay too wiggly for a really good shot of the accessories, but you get the idea!

Another shot of my wiggly wonder!