Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Jewelry

2010 was certainly the year of the wedding in my family, and I had the privelege of being the official wedding "jeweler" of three of those weddings! Here are some pics of the jewelry made for the weddings of my sister, brother, and cousin. If you know anyone looking for their very own "wedding party jeweler," please let me know, although I do require advanced notice, as my upcoming months will be very hectic, haha!

Jewelry (necklaces and earrings) for wedding #1 of the season (my cousin Elizabeth's) modeled by her beautiful bridesmaids Rebecca, Kyra, Sarah, and Jill

A closeup of the jewelry, modeled by two of the beautiful bridesmaids, Kyra and Rebecca

The lovely mother-of-the bride, my Aunt Rene, looking gorge in her necklace and earrings set

Three of my sister-in-law's bridesmaids modeling their necklaces, Katelyn, Leann, and Naomi (matching bracelets were also made but are not shown) for wedding #2

Myself, my mother, and my sister modeling the necklaces made for them (also for wedding #2); mom wore a really cute black, white and turquoise dress as the M-O-B, so her jewelry was made to compliment her look

My beautiful sister, Kyra, modeling the  jewelry (necklace and earrings) made for her for wedding #3

The spectacular Tammie modeling her bridesmaid jewelry (my sister wanted a different set of earrings and necklace for each bridesmaid featuring pearls and silver, so this was a really fun wedding to "bejewel")!

Kyra and three off her bridesmaids, myself, Sarah, and Tammie modeling their jewelry

The lovely Elizabeth modeling her spectacular bling!



  1. And you made my beautiful jewelry to wear to Elizabeth's wedding!!!!

  2. Yes I did! In fact, I have since added a pic of you in your jewelry, as well! Thanks for the reminder!!!


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