Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dream Fairies Wooden Plaque

On my most recent trip to Hobby Lobby (an AWESOME craft store that just arrived in Pittsburgh...Woot!), I found the most adorable item. In the wooden items section of the store, I came across a wooden plaque decorated to look like the entrance to a fairy castle and meant to hang in a room (and, in my case, my own future baby girl's nursery) for fairies to enter the room. Does it get cuter than that?

Plaque as sold at Hobby Lobby

Using colors similar to those that will be used in the baby's room, I used acrylic paints to decorate the plaque. I then used scrapbooking letter stickers to create the words "Dream Fairies Enter Here" surrounding the plaque. Finally, I sprayed the entire plaque with acrylic sealant and Wah-lah!!! More pictures to come when the nursery is completed, so STAY TUNED...

Fairy entrance for baby's room