Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toodles Pillow

Derek's Toodles pillow-front view

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When my sister-in-law, Jen asked me if I could make my nephew, Derek a Toodles pillow (based on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character), I immediately agreed that I would try. Little did she know, I had NO idea whether or not I could actually pull it off or how I would even begin! But, for Derek, I was sure willing to give it my all. I started by drawing out a Mickey head and ears on paper as a template then traced it onto two pieces of red felt. After cutting out the felt, I began to cut the pieces to be placed onto one piece of the red felt and (slowy but surely!) hand-stitched them on. I then cut out a half circle of red felt about the same size of  the head to create a pocket for Derek to put the extra pieces I would be making him into and pinned it to the red felt cutout opposite to the hand-stitched one. Placing the sides of the red felt that I wished to be the outside of the pillow together, I pinned the pieces and sewed along the edges, leaving about a 2 inch gap for stuffing. After turning the felt inside out, I stuffed it with Poly-fil and sewed the open edge shut. I then cut out purple, blue, green, and orange felt "wedges" that Derek would be able to manipulate on top of the Toodles pillow (You really must watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to truly appreciate all of Toodles' accessories). Using iron-on decals, I printed a picture for each wedge and ironed each on to complete my pillow. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how the pillow turned out and was so happy to see the joy on my nephew's face when he opened it! Mission accomplished!!!

Note: I have made an Etsy-version of this pillow for purchase. Please visit my page HERE!!!

Pocket view
Toodles "accessories" for Derek to manipulate

The grateful birthday boy giving me the "extra large" hug!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Light-Up Ribbon Vase Turkey



Here are instructions for one of my favorite craft projects. This light-up turkey was created out of objects purchased at the Dollar Tree and entered into their Flair for Crafts contest last year. I had such a blasty-blast taking trips through the store and brainstorming various ideas for projects that it inspired me to create many, many other Dollar Tree-inspired crafts. Mark my words, there will be a book someday!!!
Materials Needed:
-1/2” width red ribbon spool                      
-1 ½” width brown ribbon         
-glue gun and sticks
-1 ½“ width orange ribbon     
-battery-operated light strand
-pipe cleaners                       
-large google eyes
-glass vase

1.    Wrap brown ribbon around the glass vase in a criss-cross fashion, adding dots of hot glue to secure

2.    Cut two “wings” out of brown ribbon and glue to the sides of the vase.

3.    Using the brown and orange ribbon, cut four feather shapes out of each color. Cut pipe cleaners to the length of the feathers and glue along the middle of each “feather” so that they are now sturdier and more flexible

4.     Fan out the brown and orange feathers and glue towards the opening of the vase on the side that you have designated to be the back of the turkey.

5.   Using the orange ribbon, cut off a 4” piece and fold in half without creasing. Glue the ends of the ribbon together to form the turkey’s “bead” and glue the opposing end of the ribbon to the front of the vase near the opening.

6.    Fold and glue red ribbon into “B” shape and glue beside the beak for the “gobbler”

7.    Glue google eyes toward the top of the vase

8.    Place the battery-operated light strand into the vase and watch it glow!!!

Ribbon Turkey Hair Clip

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, here is an idea for a turkey hair clip for all you fancy and festive girls out there!


-alligator clip
-small, googly eyes
-brown, orange, red, yellow, and green ribbon (1/4")
-lighter to avoid ribbon fraying
-glue gun

1.Line a basic, alligator clip with brown ribbon using a glue gun.

2. Using brown ribbon, glue one large and one small loop to the front of the alligator clip, leaving room behind the loops for the "feathers."

3. Cut about 3" piecesof orange, red, brown, yellow, and green ribbon. Loop the pieces ribbon as shown in the above picture and glue behind the turkey body (in whatever order your little heart desires!).

4. Glue two, small googly eyes to the outside of the small loop representing the turkey's head

5. Fold a small piece of orange ribbon in half, gluing the open edges together to form the turkey's beak. Glue below googly eyes.

6. Using a small piece of red ribbon, curl it into a circle and glue at the ends. Glue the circle below the turkey's beak to form it's "gobbler."

7. Using two, small pieces of orange ribbon, cut a "V" shape out of the ends of each piece to form the turkey's "feet." Glue these pieces to the bottom of the turkey body, one on each side.

8. Using a lighter, burn carefully along the frayed edges of the turkey's feet to avoid further frays.

Keep in mind that this type of clip can be worn by itself, in a pair, or on a headband for extra pizzazz!!!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and reflection!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Save a Stained Shirt with Fabric Flower Embellishments

Anyone who knows me is well aware of what an extreme klutz I am! Enter brand new striped shirt combined with spaghetti for dinner as Exhibit A. I attempted a Shout wipe, then a pretreater and wash, then repeated the process a few more times before almost giving up on the shirt completely. When laundering failed me, I resorted to my love of crafts and making old (and in this case, stained) things new! I got out pieces of fabric that complimented the colors of the shirt and ripped them into long strips. I rolled the and glued the strips into fabric roses (instructional video linked below), embellished them with pearls and stitched them onto my shirt directly on top of the stupid stain. Conclusion: Stains are no longer my enemy. They are just another fabulous excuse to craft!