Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Save a Stained Shirt with Fabric Flower Embellishments

Anyone who knows me is well aware of what an extreme klutz I am! Enter brand new striped shirt combined with spaghetti for dinner as Exhibit A. I attempted a Shout wipe, then a pretreater and wash, then repeated the process a few more times before almost giving up on the shirt completely. When laundering failed me, I resorted to my love of crafts and making old (and in this case, stained) things new! I got out pieces of fabric that complimented the colors of the shirt and ripped them into long strips. I rolled the and glued the strips into fabric roses (instructional video linked below), embellished them with pearls and stitched them onto my shirt directly on top of the stupid stain. Conclusion: Stains are no longer my enemy. They are just another fabulous excuse to craft!



  1. I have a whole bunch of Camdyn shirts that could use your touch!


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