Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steelers Dog Bandana

Pittsburgh's furriest fan

Our dog, Reese, a nine-month-old golden retriever, often becomes a “model” for some of the crafts I make. While she is never fond of modeling, she will always put on a good show for peanut butter or string cheese (cheap date!).  As a Pittsburgh resident, I OBVIOUSLY love me some Pittsburgh Steelers! As a result, my poor puppy became the brunt of my Steelers-themed craft idea when the team went to the conference championships. I used yellow, black, and white ribbon scraps, along with my awesome mini Bowdabra® to make little hair bows that I put onto ribbon-lined alligator clips. Next, I got ¼ yards of Steelers fabric and cut out a large triangular shape, folding the straight edge of the triangle about 1” and sewing along the edge in order to slip Reese’s collar through the “bandana.”  Peanut butter and a fast camera enabled me to snip a quick picture of our girl in both of her accessories before the game began. Mission accomplished!!!

Our little "Reeseter" Bunny
Around Easter time, I used pinking shears on white and pink felt to make “Reeseter Bunny” ears. I hot glued white pipe cleaners to the backs of the ears to make them sturdy and flexible then folded them under and glued them to an elastic headband, which fit around her head long enough to sit for her cheese and allow me to quickly snap a picture to send to all of my friends. Good girl, Reese! Good girl!

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